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Looking for a penpal :)

Name: Rae
Age: Twenty Five
Location: bc canada
Occupation: bakery
Language: English.

About Me: I live in a 3bdrm apartment with my husband...i am a social butterfly to my core and my husband is not very social, well, he's a hardcore nerd but i love him! I love photography, I just started my own "mini" photography business. I love to make people laugh and have a good time. I have known to be an "old soul" i love vintage and retro, pinup...just everything old especially furniture. Im a pretty easy going person, and i love people, so i thought id find a penpal. I am tattooed, pierced and stretched and wouldnt have it any other way!

Interests: I love to write, I got that from my dad, whether its writing in my journal, poetry, letters, anything. Taking photographs, crafting (I have a craft room), astrology, music, roadtrips, late nights in the city, mixed tapes/cd's, dancing at home, watching movies that make you cry, txting old friends and having long conversations...i love looking at old photos. My animals are my life, I have two cats, a dog, a snake and some fish.

Music: I couldn't possibly list it all. I love bob marley/peter tosh, oldies;rock and roll. Love ray charles, al green, Frank Sinatra. I like new music too, if its on tv or the radio then ill listen to it while cleaning the house or something like that.

Books: Hot Pink-Susan Johnson, Eat, Pray, Love(cant remember author) and i love my cosmo magazines. Not a huge book reader, not gunna lie.

Pen Pal Info:
How many pen pals do you have? Right now, I have one rad lady, weve actually become very close and have come to the point where we now call each other soul sisters because its sooo crazy how much were alike and all that good stuff :) We text, skype so its not so much a penpal relationship anymore...which im looking for.
Do you hand write or type? I have a typewriter which I do use regularly, but I do enjoy printing/writing letters as well.
Snail mail or email? Snail mail please! I also have skype, so maybe once were more acquainted, we will do that.

How long are your letters? It depends on life and how much the other person wrote, so I could go from there as well. I do like putting together little packages full of surprises... I'd love to exchange photos, postcards, art, cd's etc. I want someone who will actually keep writing, I have tried to have a few penpals and they either get busy in life and not respond or not even tell me they wont write anymore, so it sucks.

How long does it take you to reply to a letter? Again, depends on life. But I promise, it wont take me a month to respond.

What gender do you want them to be? I have a rad female one, and i like to try have a male penpal if possible...but if I click with somone I wont say no to another female penpal.

Where do you want them to be from? outside of canada preferably but ive always been interested in someone in ireland, dublin possibly.. so if you're there...send me a message.

What age do you want them to be? 23+
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