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dear_friend's Journal

dear friend: the snail mail penpal community
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tired of staring at an empty mailbox every day? bought that 10$ stationary set and havent been able to use it? contemplating robbing a mailcarrier just so youd have a piece of mail? what you need is right here, baby. dear_friend is a community to help you find snail mail penpals/package swappers/mail arters from all over the world.

i urge you to PLEASE read the recommendations here before you post, then write a little something about yourself! if filling out a survey is more to your taste, you can use the one below [or any other survey you choose to use].

::main interests::
::described as::
::other random favorite people/things/places::
::specifically seeking::
::prefer long, medium or short letters?::
::how many pen pals do you want?::
::do you trade fbs/decos/slams/atc cards?::
::international or local penpals?::
::anything else?::

if you want to promote your comm related to anything about penpaling, please feel free, as long as you'll allow dear_friend to be advertized in your comms. if you have another comm unrelating to penpaling that youd like to advertize, do it at community_promo. if you choose to disregard this, tough luck. you get NO WARNING that i will delete your post- consider THIS your warning. spamming communities is against lj rules. on a particularly bad day, its a ban-able offence, so just dont do it.

uk-ers looking for pals exclusively in the uk? try uk_penpals!
looking specifically for celebrity themed decos to trade/show off? try celeb_deco!