may jane (mayblushes) wrote in dear_friend,
may jane

my name is genevieve. i live in a small town full of cobblestone paths, trees and cafes. i travel when i can. i sleep when i can. i am very good at doing nothing at all. one of my bad habits is eating desserts before or instead of a meal but i don’t think it’s that bad really. i grew up using livejournal and formed long-lasting friendships on here with girls who i still write to and meet up with even though we live in different countries. so here i am again.

i am 27, from england but living in germany right now. i adore 35mm photography, travelling, reading and writing, wandering in nature and eating rose-flavoured things. i am at a happy point in my life but the melancholy is still around. recently i have been reading old classics, getting lost in nostalgic pieces, buying zines and trying to support independent places. avoiding the mainstream. i like reverting back to the old ways - letters, postcards, film cameras, vintage clothing.

i am looking for real and deep conversations, inspiring friendships. i'd also love to share gifts, cds, poetry etc. it would be great if you could tell me a little about yourself too if you comment here, or link me to your post.
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