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daste wart

On the lookout for more pen pals

If you:

- don't mind reading a bit of nonsense,
- are open-minded,
- like a good rant,
- enjoy receiving a long letter,
- are capable and willing to write regularly,

...then this might be the opportunity we have both been looking for to have a long-lasting and meaningful friendship conducted through the medium of either physical letters(otherwise known as Snail Mail), or emails!

Of course, the afore-mentioned characteristics are suggestions rather than requirements, so feel free to contact me if you don't fit most of them. The exception would have to be the last one, because it is unfortunate when one invests time and energy in writing to someone who writes perhaps a reply or two, then refrains from writing after that.

A little about me:

- sometimes I get very low, and writing(and reading) letters is cathartic for me.
- I am currently twenty three, married, with two children under the age of three.
- the background or personality of an individual does not bother me, or hinder my desire in writing to them.
- similarly, the location of an individual is not important in monetary terms.
- I am fluent in English and Turkish, and speak some Faroese.
- if you have written me a letter, you will most definitely receive a reply, usually not very much later after I have received it.
- I have several pen pals at the moment, and have had at least one for the past ten years.

If you would like to either know more, or express interest in becoming either pen pals or email pals, please feel free to PM me, or leave a comment.

Be well!

And here is a picture of the Dude, for good measure.

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