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for you, i am a chrysanthemum

in brief:
allison anne
graphic designer & mail artist
post office box 181 / raleigh / north carolina / 27602

currently based in raleigh/durham, north carolina by way of minneapolis, minnesota! graphic designer by day / illustrator, mixed media/mail artist & letter writer by night! late twenty-something queer girl & latent goth weirdo. feminist, vegetarian, former cultural studies student. anxious gemini. doodler, dawdler, dilly-dallyer with a fondness for all things vintage, weird & wonderful. tattooed and painted lady. kitschy, tacky and gaudy. cat person with a love for the strange & unusual!

i have a pretty laid-back attitude about mail. i send and receive a lot, and always reply, even if it takes awhile. if you haven't heard back from me, don't worry - you will! i make the vast majority of my mail. you can see some of my work in the photos above, and by visiting my website/flickr/instagram/etc. my letters are usually pretty long, and almost always handwritten (occasionally typewritten).

i'm also member of postcrossing,, the international union of mail artists & the letter writers alliance. i don't really have many requirements about age, but would prefer to only swap / write with folks 18+. i am always looking to swap mail art, and appreciate getting to know new people through the mail.

some things i love: mail art, doodles, ray johnson & the new york correspondance school, the golden age of illustration, cats, paper dolls, new wave/no-wave/post-punk, early electronic music, fluxism, urban decay & crumbling buildings, roadside attractions, early space exploration, modernism & pop art, vintage manga illustrations (pre-1990), retrofuturism, vintage advertising, neoism, 4AD, vintage wallpaper & textiles, unusual colors of lipstick, myths & legends, cassette tapes, mid-century industrial design, cold war culture, 20th century art history, vintage dolls, old hollywood glamour, mute records, cryptozoology, pop art, exploring cities by foot, found papers/photos and most anything ephemeral!

i'm a bit of a paper magpie & am always looking for materials to use in my mixed media/mail art, including paper scraps, the patterned interiors of security envelopes, interesting magazine clippings, old maps, found postcards or old brochures, canceled stamps, used bus passes, clean pieces of styrofoam, transparent vinyl/plastic or parking tickets - really most anything that possesses an interesting quality such form, shape, pattern or color. any such scraps would be deeply appreciated!

feel free to connect with me elsewhere online, too! please don't hesitate to say hello! [mail art blog] [iuoma profile] [postcrossing] [instagram] [mail tumblr] [flickr] [facebook] [music]
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