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Penpal [27 Dec 2016|09:23am]
I am looking for snail mail, mainly girls.
Of any country, but I have a preference for jersey.
I am currently handicapped there is only the courier that exudes my days.
I love movies, animals (I live with two rats, two guinea pig and a rabbit) hello kitty japan my little pony ....
You can contact me: daenerysdragonprincess@gmail.com if you want to become my pen friend ...
(I would like to avoid African countries)
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Holiday Card Time!!!! [16 Nov 2016|07:07pm]

Hello there, my beautiful friends!  If you are interested in any sort of holiday card (and I mean any holiday), please PM me your address, and I will send you one!  Unless you are already on my list and you probably know who you are!  Unsure?  Let me know!

Or just send me a card and I will send one back at
Stephanie Lane Martin
PO Box 155
Lexington, KY 40588-0155

Happy Holidays!  Sending good vibes your way!
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Looking for penpals [02 Jun 2016|04:09pm]

Name; Abi
Age; 28
Location; England
Gender; Female
Languages spoken; English

Currently unemployed, though trying to change that. Still not completely sure what I want to do with my life. I hope to work with animals or something with limited interaction with customers, since I've had my fill of customer service!

I'm fairly quiet in real life, and don't tend to say much, unless it's on a subject I care about. Have issues with shyness and panicking. Moved house recently, and am finding it difficult to make friends. Mainly the reason why I'm posting this. Would just like someone to chat to.

Owned by two guinea pigs.

Dabble in photography. Mainly invertebrates, bug sometimes scenery/people. I go horse riding every other week, which I love.

I love reading, though haven't had enough time to sit down with a book recently. Will try reading anything, though fantasy/mystery holds a special place in my heart. Any nonfiction to do with the natural world/dinosaurs/evolution will devoured.

Don't watch a lot of TV. Any shows that look as though they might be interesting, I'll watch on Netflix/BBC iPlayer. Currently watching The Musketeers, Daredevil and various nature documentaries.

Films I like include Stardust, The Woman in Black, Seabiscuit, The Princess Bride, Spirited Away, Black Beauty and Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Penpal info
How many penpals do you have? None.
How many do you want? 1-3
Do you want email penpals? Nah
How long are your letters? Varies. Usually 1-2 pages
Hand written or typed? Hand written.
Estimated reply time? 1-3 weeks.
Male or female penpal? Doesn't matter, though I find it easier to write/talk to women.
Where would you like your pen pal to be from?
From the UK. Money is a little tight to be sending things internationally right now.
Age? 20+

If you're interested, please comment here or send me a message.
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Looking to make friends [30 May 2016|03:33pm]
Hey, my name is Karla. I recently turned 24 and I have social anxiety and ocd and basically have no friends so I'm looking to make friends through being a pen pal. I have a lot of different interests: art, fashion, politics, sci fi, America, technology etc.

Movies I like: I Confess, Walk to remember, The Exorcist, Days of Heaven, She's all that etc.

I like all kinds of genres of music except hard metal/screamo type music. I like classical, clean hip hop/rap, breakbeat, drum and bass, soul, jazz etc.

I'm open to snail mail and email.

Contact me at sheiskarla@yahoo.co.uk or leave a message here.
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Looking For friends. [05 Feb 2016|06:15pm]

Hello there, First off I like to say I found your E-mail on a pen-pal site.
I liked what you said on there and was thinking we could become pen-pal's.
If not I understand and thank you for your time.

My E-mail is lovekaramito@hotmail.com

My name is Samantha Ewasiuk I am a 25 female Canadian.
Living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I have 2 cat's who are my fur baby's.
I been pen-palling for 4 year's now. I found some really good long term friend's
and some not really good people at all. I love writing and getting stuff in the mail
other then bills or nothing at all.

I love learning about other people and there country\culture.
I don;t care for age\race\culture\gender. I am only looking for true friendship.
I am into so much stuff and love trying new and different stuff.

anime, video games, manga, pokemon, baking, writing, swapping, post cards, stickers,
animals, cats, youtube, movies, music, kawaii, cute stuff, dark stuff, zombies, shopping, road trips, history, Japan, cooking and so much more stuff too. I write back all the time and am a good honest kind sweet helpful friendly giving person.
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New! [02 Feb 2016|11:30am]

[ mood | blah ]

Hello all I'm Jen I'm new here from Texas. Every friend I have had have screwed me over so hoping to find just a cool ass person to be my shouldern to cry on and NOT judge me!!!

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penpals magazine [03 Aug 2015|04:23pm]

hello everyone,

a friend and i are making a magazine and we will have a penpal section so i was wondering if there is anyone here who'd like to be in it? we'd print a short bio with whichever contact details you like, but no photos :)

more info here: http://silvaemagazine.tumblr.com/

feel free to comment here to let me know
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[01 Jul 2015|12:29am]

I used to have penpals but between my health taking a downturn then moving house (again), I lost contact with them. So here I am looking for some new ones to start sending letters to.

Name: Debb
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Location: Scotland

Interests: Writing, reading, drawing, music, fish, my pets, owls, turtles and tortoises, video games.
Music: Mostly I listen to instrumental soundtracks with a bit of Poets of the Fall, Marilyn Manson, Simon and Garfunkel.
Favorite books: Terry Prachett, Stephen King, James Herbert, Neil Gaiman, Carol Berg, biographies, M.R James, anything with horror,
Tv: Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek Next Gen, food porn i.e Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, House, Doctor Who, Hannibal, anything horror-y.
Favorite movies: Singin' in the Rain, Ravenous, Se7en, How to Train Your Dragon, Planet of the Apes (remake as well), REC, Pan's Labyrinth, The Orphanage.

How many penpals do you want: A few, maybe 3-4 to start with.
Do you want e-mails: Yes.
Do you want snail mail: Most definitely
Length of letters: At the very least a double-sided A4 but if I start rambling then I can go four upwards.
How quick are you to respond: I try to within a month.
Male or Female: Either
Age: Preferably 20+
From where: Anywhere.

What are you looking for: Someone to exchange letters with, to ramble to, to be rambled to whatever the subject, to exchange book/film/tv series recommendations with.

If anyone is interested then comment, PM or email me at dpaterson11[at]googlemail.com
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[20 May 2015|09:38pm]

my name is genevieve. i live in a small town full of cobblestone paths, trees and cafes. i travel when i can. i sleep when i can. i am very good at doing nothing at all. one of my bad habits is eating desserts before or instead of a meal but i don’t think it’s that bad really. i grew up using livejournal and formed long-lasting friendships on here with girls who i still write to and meet up with even though we live in different countries. so here i am again.

i am 27, from england but living in germany right now. i adore 35mm photography, travelling, reading and writing, wandering in nature and eating rose-flavoured things. i am at a happy point in my life but the melancholy is still around. recently i have been reading old classics, getting lost in nostalgic pieces, buying zines and trying to support independent places. avoiding the mainstream. i like reverting back to the old ways - letters, postcards, film cameras, vintage clothing.

i am looking for real and deep conversations, inspiring friendships. i'd also love to share gifts, cds, poetry etc. it would be great if you could tell me a little about yourself too if you comment here, or link me to your post.
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[30 Apr 2015|10:39pm]


If anyone knows someone who'd make a good friend or pen pal for me, please let me know or give them my info

Name: Victoria
Age: 32
How many: Unsure
Where: US only, to save on stamps
Age of pen pals: 20+
Preference: Female
What I want: I would like someone with as many common interests as possible or similar to myself

About: I am social phobic, despite often dyeing my hair weird colors and my septum ring (I plan on more piercings and tattoos someday; hawk, nebulae and cat pawprints). I am introverted, so I am okay being alone most of the time. I spend my time watching shows online, Netflix, playing app games and swinging around a string on a stick for one of my play addicted cats.

Interests: Dumpster diving, urban exploration, primates, video games, Nintendo, video games, crafting, cooking, upcycling, adventures, nature, paganism, eclectic paganism, rocks, cats, treasure hunting, metal detecting, dreams, symbolism, glow in the dark, UV, coloring books, sidewalk chalk, feathers, rocks, old photographs, found treasures, metal detecting, cats, Legend of Zelda, blood, gore, aliens,

Books: I love Francesca Block and pretty much all her novels (though I don't always read). Spook Science Tackles the Afterlife, A Certain Slant of Light, Doreen Virtue... I love reading non-fiction from the new age section, books on the paranormal, etc. Neil Gaiman, Women who Run with Wolves is an awesome book, I haven't finished but plan to

Music: The Birthday Massacre, Otep, A Perfect Circle, Tapping the Vein, In This Moment, Lacuna Coil, FlyLeaf, Within Temptation, Smashing Pumpkins, BlackMill, Conjure One, Olive, Sneaker Pimps (with Kelli Ali only), Fever Ray, Robyn, Phil Collins, Michael Bublé, Matchbox 20, Live, Imogen Heap some Tori Amos. A lot of 80's and 90's music. Brainwave, binaural beats, meditation music, white noise, nature sounds etc.Sometimes what I like depends on my mood.

Movies: What Dreams May Come, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Silent Hill, Nightmare Before Christmas, Pan's Labyrinth, MirrorMask, Labyrinth, Legend, Interview with The Vampire, The Neverending Story, Ultraviolet, The Fifth Element, Underworld, The Fountain, Wristcutters: A Love Story

Tv: The 4400, Carnivàle, Arrested Development, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead (no I don't watch just for Daryl), Resurrection, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, other paranormal shows... etc.

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[19 Apr 2015|03:50am]

::name:: Celine
::age/dob/sign:: 24, born in the 1990, Capricorn
::gender:: Female
::work/school:: Practical nurse
::location:: California, USA
::e-mail:: ciarline, gmail
::main interests:: Wow, many to mention on this one. From books to television to video games to movies etc. I love learning about different cultures.
::described as:: nice, down-to-earth, open-minded, selfless (only my patients who are terminally ill say that to me)
::music:: I need recommendations. I was just listening to Oasis and Radiohead. I guess I like 90s the most. But I will listen to mostly anything. I am sorry that I did not impress you.
::movies:: Many to mention. Seriously. I love films.
::books/authours:: Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Iain Thomas, Paolo Coehlo, Kurt Vonnegut, and the list goes on. I've read quite a few books and would like to read more. Currently finishing Pride and Prejudice, Book 2 of A Game of Thrones (loved the TV show), Outlander (loved the show too).
::art/artists:: I will be skipping this one. I wish I have the names of the artists that moved me.
::other random favorite people/things/places:: I travel when time and money permits. This is something you can ask me via email/snail mail.
::collect:: Postcards. I need to step it up on postcrossing.
::specifically seeking:: A friend. With commonalities or not. I would like a conversation about life in general. I prefer someone open-minded.
::prefer long, medium or short letters?:: As long as we can establish a communication, but of course not short.
::how many pen pals do you want?:: I have no limit as of now.
::do you trade fbs/decos/slams/atc cards?:: I can trade a parcel. I am sadly not artistic.
::international or local penpals?:: Anywhere!
::anything else?:: I apologize for the vagueness of this entry.
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On the lookout for more pen pals [05 Apr 2015|11:40pm]


If you:

- don't mind reading a bit of nonsense,
- are open-minded,
- like a good rant,
- enjoy receiving a long letter,
- are capable and willing to write regularly,

...then this might be the opportunity we have both been looking for to have a long-lasting and meaningful friendship conducted through the medium of either physical letters(otherwise known as Snail Mail), or emails!

Of course, the afore-mentioned characteristics are suggestions rather than requirements, so feel free to contact me if you don't fit most of them. The exception would have to be the last one, because it is unfortunate when one invests time and energy in writing to someone who writes perhaps a reply or two, then refrains from writing after that.

A little about me:

- sometimes I get very low, and writing(and reading) letters is cathartic for me.
- I am currently twenty three, married, with two children under the age of three.
- the background or personality of an individual does not bother me, or hinder my desire in writing to them.
- similarly, the location of an individual is not important in monetary terms.
- I am fluent in English and Turkish, and speak some Faroese.
- if you have written me a letter, you will most definitely receive a reply, usually not very much later after I have received it.
- I have several pen pals at the moment, and have had at least one for the past ten years.

If you would like to either know more, or express interest in becoming either pen pals or email pals, please feel free to PM me, or leave a comment.

Be well!

And here is a picture of the Dude, for good measure.

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[26 Mar 2015|10:16am]


in brief:
allison anne
graphic designer & mail artist
post office box 181 / raleigh / north carolina / 27602

currently based in raleigh/durham, north carolina by way of minneapolis, minnesota! graphic designer by day / illustrator, mixed media/mail artist & letter writer by night! late twenty-something queer girl & latent goth weirdo. feminist, vegetarian, former cultural studies student. anxious gemini. doodler, dawdler, dilly-dallyer with a fondness for all things vintage, weird & wonderful. tattooed and painted lady. kitschy, tacky and gaudy. cat person with a love for the strange & unusual!

i have a pretty laid-back attitude about mail. i send and receive a lot, and always reply, even if it takes awhile. if you haven't heard back from me, don't worry - you will! i make the vast majority of my mail. you can see some of my work in the photos above, and by visiting my website/flickr/instagram/etc. my letters are usually pretty long, and almost always handwritten (occasionally typewritten).

i'm also member of postcrossing, sendsomething.net, the international union of mail artists & the letter writers alliance. i don't really have many requirements about age, but would prefer to only swap / write with folks 18+. i am always looking to swap mail art, and appreciate getting to know new people through the mail.

some things i love: mail art, doodles, ray johnson & the new york correspondance school, the golden age of illustration, cats, paper dolls, new wave/no-wave/post-punk, early electronic music, fluxism, urban decay & crumbling buildings, roadside attractions, early space exploration, modernism & pop art, vintage manga illustrations (pre-1990), retrofuturism, vintage advertising, neoism, 4AD, vintage wallpaper & textiles, unusual colors of lipstick, myths & legends, cassette tapes, mid-century industrial design, cold war culture, 20th century art history, vintage dolls, old hollywood glamour, mute records, cryptozoology, pop art, exploring cities by foot, found papers/photos and most anything ephemeral!

i'm a bit of a paper magpie & am always looking for materials to use in my mixed media/mail art, including paper scraps, the patterned interiors of security envelopes, interesting magazine clippings, old maps, found postcards or old brochures, canceled stamps, used bus passes, clean pieces of styrofoam, transparent vinyl/plastic or parking tickets - really most anything that possesses an interesting quality such form, shape, pattern or color. any such scraps would be deeply appreciated!

feel free to connect with me elsewhere online, too! please don't hesitate to say hello!

www.deardetective.com [mail art blog]
iuoma-network.ning.com/profile/allisonanne [iuoma profile]
postcrossing.com/user/deardetective [postcrossing]
instagram.com/deardetective [instagram]
anothertheletter.tumblr.com [mail tumblr]
flickr.com/takesomepetroldarling [flickr]
facebook.com/ohdeardetective [facebook]
last.fm/user/deardetective [music]
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Want To Be Friends? [15 Mar 2015|04:59pm]

Hello there. My name is Samantha.
I am a 24 female looking for pen-pal friends around the world.
I love doing snail mail more, so looking for some snail mail pals.
I am a long term pen-paler. I love making new friends in the world,
And learning about each and every body\there country. I would be happy to be friends with you.

I am a very simple easy going shy friendly sweet kind nice caring person.
I live on my own right now, with 2 cat's. I am a true animal lover big time.
I am looking for work right now. I use to work as a daycare worker.
I have 5 cat's at my family place, with 1 newt and 1 gerbil.
I am part Canadian and part Ukraine, but I only know English.
I am trying to learn Japanese, French and Ukraine right now.

Here are my hobbies\likes.
Anime, Video Games, Drawing, Crafting, Movies, Music, History,
Japan, Kawaii, Cute Stuff, Cat Stuff, Animals. Manga, Reading,
Cooking, Baking, Shopping, Gardening, Pokemon, Pen-Pals, Swapping,
Hello Kitty, Sanrio, Writing, and so much more stuff too lol.

Here is my address.

Samantha Ewasiuk
155 Briarwynd Court
T5T-0H4 Edmonton Canada
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Looking for some new penpals [05 Mar 2015|08:14pm]
Name: Michelle
Age: Twenty-Seven
Location: Maryland, US
Languages: English, ASL (still learning)
Occupation: Nanny, paralegal in traning, writer.

About me: Well I live in southern Maryland with my boyfriend, our two dogs and cat. I absolutely love writing and reading. I've recently started to really love to go on cruises (went on our first one in November 2014, second is October 2015, and third will be October 2016). Traveling is amazing. I'm currently in school for paralegal studies. I have tattoos and plan to get more.

Interests: Well writing and reading of course. Cruising, traveling, taking pictures, music, roadtrip (short and long), football (Go Packers!), watching movies, scrapbooking, baking, Arizona iced tea, mix cds, postcards, anything green, notebooks, pens, long letters, skiing, Halloween stuff, Supernatural, Black Dagger Brotherhood series, journals, puppies (especially Yorkies), Suits, Twister, Ten Inch Hero, many more things.

How many penpals do you have? Right now, three.

Hand write or type? Both, but I really like hand writing.

How long are your letters? Depends mostly on what is happening lately. I try to make them at least a full page or two.

How long does it take you to reply to a letter? Depends on life, but never more than a week.

What gender do you want? Prefer female, but I will consider a male penpal.

Where do you want them to be from? I prefer US,however, again, I will consider others.

What age do you want them to be? 24 and up.
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Looking for a penpal :) [16 Dec 2014|09:29pm]

Name: Rae
Age: Twenty Five
Location: bc canada
Occupation: bakery
Language: English.

About Me: I live in a 3bdrm apartment with my husband...i am a social butterfly to my core and my husband is not very social, well, he's a hardcore nerd but i love him! I love photography, I just started my own "mini" photography business. I love to make people laugh and have a good time. I have known to be an "old soul" i love vintage and retro, pinup...just everything old especially furniture. Im a pretty easy going person, and i love people, so i thought id find a penpal. I am tattooed, pierced and stretched and wouldnt have it any other way!

Interests: I love to write, I got that from my dad, whether its writing in my journal, poetry, letters, anything. Taking photographs, crafting (I have a craft room), astrology, music, roadtrips, late nights in the city, mixed tapes/cd's, dancing at home, watching movies that make you cry, txting old friends and having long conversations...i love looking at old photos. My animals are my life, I have two cats, a dog, a snake and some fish.

Music: I couldn't possibly list it all. I love bob marley/peter tosh, oldies;rock and roll. Love ray charles, al green, Frank Sinatra. I like new music too, if its on tv or the radio then ill listen to it while cleaning the house or something like that.

Books: Hot Pink-Susan Johnson, Eat, Pray, Love(cant remember author) and i love my cosmo magazines. Not a huge book reader, not gunna lie.

Pen Pal Info:
How many pen pals do you have? Right now, I have one rad lady, weve actually become very close and have come to the point where we now call each other soul sisters because its sooo crazy how much were alike and all that good stuff :) We text, skype so its not so much a penpal relationship anymore...which im looking for.
Do you hand write or type? I have a typewriter which I do use regularly, but I do enjoy printing/writing letters as well.
Snail mail or email? Snail mail please! I also have skype, so maybe once were more acquainted, we will do that.

How long are your letters? It depends on life and how much the other person wrote, so I could go from there as well. I do like putting together little packages full of surprises... I'd love to exchange photos, postcards, art, cd's etc. I want someone who will actually keep writing, I have tried to have a few penpals and they either get busy in life and not respond or not even tell me they wont write anymore, so it sucks.

How long does it take you to reply to a letter? Again, depends on life. But I promise, it wont take me a month to respond.

What gender do you want them to be? I have a rad female one, and i like to try have a male penpal if possible...but if I click with somone I wont say no to another female penpal.

Where do you want them to be from? outside of canada preferably but ive always been interested in someone in ireland, dublin possibly.. so if you're there...send me a message.

What age do you want them to be? 23+
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Hii [26 Sep 2014|10:50am]
[ mood | thankful ]

Name : Mohamed Shimran
Age : 17 years old (1996/11/27)
Relationship Status : Single

-I am a school dropout because I failed in exams

-Speaking honestly I don't have friends in real I mean in where I live so I spend some time to see if I can be someones friend at least online, I found this wonderful website, so signed up and setting up things 1 by 1.

-I am Muslim by religion and Tamil by race, I respect all the religions and races..

--If you want to know about my family, I have a brother and a father Hmmm yes I don't have a mother; my mother died when I was 6 years and I grew up all by myself.

--I really love learning, and take the opportunity to educate myself on anything that sparks my interest. I like learning about people, too; I'm much friendlier than I appear, In reality, I'm a very loyal and caring friend with a genuine interest in getting to know new people, as well as new things.

My Address :

Mohamed Shimran
No.221/B, Kandy Road
Mawanella 71500
Sri Lanka

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[06 Sep 2014|07:03pm]

Hi all,

Just thought i would post here to see if i could get some new pen pals.

Im Emma, but alot of people call me Emi-Lou.I am 29 years old,married to Aj who is 34 he works full time at a carpet outlet store... so mainly only see him a few hours in the evening and at weekends on his day off. Together we have 3 sons, 3 year old Tony and 14 month old Identical Twins Darren and Connor, i am a stay at home mum right now.

HOBBIES Reading, Writing Letters, Cooking and Baking, Card Making, Scrapbooking, Watching tv and films, Listening to music
INTERESTSHistory of the World Wars, baking, wildlife, taking photographs
MUSIC(my biggest passion)Elvis,Queen,Meatloaf,Dolly Parton,Elton John,Cher,Pink,Girls Aloud, Steps,Take That(90's)Kelly Clarkson,Paramore, The Killers,Evernecense,Beyonce,Rhianna much more
BOOKSI just love reading and will give any book a try, but some of my favourite genre's are Crime thriller, Crime Fiction, Chic Lit,War time and Period Drama,True Life. Authors i enjoy reading are Annie Murray, Torey Hayden, Lyn Andrews, Katie Fforde, James Patterson,JK Rowling, many more
FILMSTitanic,Green Mile, Charlie's Angels, Hunger Games, Snow white and the Huntsmen, Harry Potter collection, Twilight Saga, Lord of the Rings, Terminator films, Stepford Wives, Miss Congeniality, Run Away Bride.... many more
TVGreat British Bake Off, America's Next Top Model, Come dine with me, 19 Kids and Counting, Cooking Shows, Wildlife shows on Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild

Looking for new pen pals male or female from anywhere.
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[05 Sep 2014|03:33pm]

Information in my bio.

Thank you,
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[16 Jun 2014|10:17pm]

I'm 35 years old with an 11 year old daughter. 3 weeks ago I got out of a dangerous and unhealthy relationship (of course it didn't start that way.. they never do) and now I'm focusing on getting my life back together.
I'm bi-polar II rapid cycler, deal with anxiety and OCD.

As a child we moved around a lot and I have never really got the people skills needed to interact with people. So here I am looking online.

I'm currently living in Saint Catharines On, been here for 10 years after moving from BC and escaping my mother.

I love to read and the one show that I CAN NOT miss is supernatural. I'm huge into music and have it on as often as I can.
I like writing poetry though there hasn't been anyone that has looked at them. They are private and hard to share because they are raw emotions and I'm scared what others will think.

If you think we could make a match let me know. If it doesn't work out it's all good :D

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